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If you buy electronics from China you know that the prices are lower than buying from the UK, but they take over a month to get to you and sadly often the quality isn’t very bad.  Then, good luck getting a refund when the item doesn’t work.  It can end up costing you more money and a lot more stress.

I want to help people in the UK, so I buy some ESP32 Dev units from China, then when they eventually arrive, I fully test them, bag them up, then sell them on ebay.  I am not a company, I am a single man.  I only make on average £1 for each item that I sell, so this is no business.  When I send out a unit and it gets lost in the post, I lose money & I need to sell 4 more units just to cover the loss.  I do want to sell more items on ebay, but sadly I don’t have much money so it is going to take some time to.


Please take a look at what I am currently selling on ebay.